Life Is What You Bake It - Pot Holder

Life Is What You Bake It - Pot Holder

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Dimension 7.75" x 7.75".

This pot holder has quilted sublilinen with silver heat resistant back and hanging loop. Due to the nature of this being a padded fabric product, natural creases and folding may occur. These items are hand sewn and may vary up to 1.5”. This product is only machine washable in water less than 122° F.

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Well-made and adorable pot holder!

I love mine -- it has all the makings and quality construction of an effective pot-holder, but, it's too cute for me to risk getting it all stained!! I am using it as a decoration on my fridge. I might change my mind later -- or, use it in presentation of a dessert!

I saw another review on the Teddy pot-holders, that the graphics are not applied well and are "off" or something like that..... this is my 2nd Teddy pot-holder, and both of mine have crisp clear perfectly-set graphics, along with quality stitching and edging.

Life is What You Bake It Potholder: Get Cookin' with Teddy!

The only thing cuter than Teddy the Dog T-shirts are Teddy the Dog accoutrements for the home — in this case, the kitchen.

This cute potholder is just the ticket for handling hot cookie sheets full of freshly baked dog biscuits. Contrary to the experience of another reviewer, I find this item to be of excellent quality: very well made and able to withstand the heat of even the hottest roasting pan or casserole dish.

As for the design, it just goes to show that Teddy is very well bread, LOL!

Suzanne Hiatt

The picture was stamped on the fabric and it was crooked. The trim around the border did not cover up the crooked print. Would not buy this item again quality did not match price

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