It's A Dog's Life - Headband

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No more sore ears for you! Get stylish with my It's A Dog's Life headband.

Headbands and masks are sold separately.


Our stylish headbands are made of 100% polyester. The headband is 3 inches high, with circumference - 19 inches when the fabric is relaxed, and 26 inches when the fabric is stretched to the maximum.

Care: Wash before wearing. Machine wash. Tumble Dry Low.

Customer Reviews

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Monica Nunez
Soft and comfy

I love this headband! Not only does it look awesome, it works really well to keep my COVID bangs growout contained off my face! Really soft material as well.

Kathy Gray
Cute as can be!

I’m going to give this to my niece along with her Teddy the Dog t-shirt for Christmas. She will love it! Actually, I love it, but I’m trying not to be too piggy about all my Teddy stuff. At last count, I had more than 15 shirts, a blanket, a plaque, etc. I think that’s probably enough!!! But for this headband, Teddy scores again!

Sumi Caldeira-Lee
Super cute!

My Goldendoodle wears it around her neck.

Keeping it back

My dog’s life is on my head and keeping my hair out of my eyes. Now if I could get one for my little girlie we could be twins!

Millie McDowell
My friend loves it!!

This is the second one I have purchased...I gave one as a gift to my friend and her sister "stole" it, so this is a replacement. Well I loved; much-worn!

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