Teddy The Dog Lending a Helping Paw to The Elisha Project

Since March 1st, certain communities in the USA have seen a 10 fold increase of households in need of healthy food. Starting in our own backyard, Team Teddy has decided to help out. We will be volunteering our time at an organization called The Elisha Project.

The Elisha Project is dedicated in serving those in communities that need help the most. They inspire others to help one another through the distribution of FRESH, healthy meals.

Households with children have a much higher rate of food insecurity than those without. To lend a helping paw to them, please check out our collection of tees where you can purchase one for a child to be given to at the event.

We encourage you to come see us at the event or check out our Facebook live on Thursday, July 2nd at 11am EST to see Team Teddy helping those in need.

Every dollar that you spend on this collection will be donated to the ELISHA Project.