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You may know this dog as being Toto from the “Wizard of Oz”, but here are more fun facts about this adorable terrier! My Cairnival graphic will have you ready to play some games and eat some tasty treats, did someone say pupcorn? Get your paws on fun colors and styles, including classic, lightweight, ladies' cuts and more. 


  1. Name Origin: The word “cairn” refers to a stack of stones. Also stated in a book, “The Cairn is a cave dog- an innate barbarian, truculent, and fearless.”
  2. Size: They weigh no more than 13 or 14 pounds.
  3. Personality: Happy, curious, alert.
  4. Where they come from: Originally bred to fearlessly root out foxes and other small prey in the Scottish countryside.
  5. Activities: They love having a place where they can explore and dig!



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