Interested in Selling Teddy in your Retail Store?

I love my retail partners more than steak tips. I work with people all over tarnation who love giving their shelves a little life!

To get the ball rolling, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch via e-mail with how to proceed.

If you're looking to find out the the scoop on opening minimums and other wholesale policies, here they are:

Teddy's Wholesale Policies

  • Approved Teddy Wholesale Partners receive a discount of 50% on eligible items.
  • To be considered or eligible for Wholesale pricing, you must submit a valid Reseller ID Number.
  • A opening Wholesale order of at least $279 is required.
  • Subsequent Wholesale orders must be a minimum of $89.
  • No further discounts or free shipping can be applied to Wholesale orders unless specifically stated.
  • Teddy the Dog maintains the right to withdraw Wholesale Partner access if we feel our brand is being misrepresented by a reseller.


You can also reach Teddy Wholesale team at or 1.844.344.3647 x 2