Wholesale Pawlicies

Wholesale Pawlicies - Updated July 2017

  • Approved Teddy Wholesale Partners receive a discount of 50% on eligible items.
  • To be considered or eligible for Wholesale pricing, you must submit a valid Reseller ID.
  • A opening Wholesale order of at least $279 is required.
  • Subsequent Wholesale orders must be a minimum of $89.
  • No further discounts or free shipping can be applied to Wholesale orders unless specifically stated.
  • Teddy the Dog maintains the right to withdraw Wholesale Partner access if we feel our brand is being misrepresented by a reseller.

Drop Ship Program - For Wholesale Partners

  • Wholesale Partners who wish to drop ship directly to the end purchaser will be required to set up a separate account (under a different email address). It's just how our system works--ah, technology.
  • The $89 minimum does not apply to drop ship orders.
  • The Drop Ship discount is 25% off eligible items.
  • No further discounts may be applied to Drop Ship orders unless specifically stated.