Doggie Tees are Back / Be a Haute Dog

doggie tees

Doggie tees are baaaaack... I mean, why should humans have all the fun? Now every dog can be a haute dog. Choose from the following general inventory graphics:

  • Choose Love: I mean, your dog loves you and your morning breath, amiright? With this tee, you can show everyone that love makes the world go hound. 
  • Obedience School Drop Out: I've never been all that into pup & circumstance. Besides, no one can prove who left the steamer in the teacher's lounge! This is the perfect tee for all those dogs who bark to their own beat.  
  • I Herd You: And ewe, and ewe and ewe. While it might make them feel a bit sheepish, this tee will let your dog know he/she has been herd. 
  • Don't Even Ask: What goes on in my doghouse, stays in my doghouse. Besides, there's no place like cone. Your dog will the star of yappy hour with this tee. 
  • Subwoofer: Got a new puppy? This is the perfect tee for the little ankle biter, rug rat, whippersnapper...
  • Alternative Cat: Better than fake mews, and I ain't kitten. Have everyone at the dog park rollin' with this tee.