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Golden Rule / Golden Doodles

Posted on August 13 2018

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I've got the Golden Rule, get your paws on fun and colorful styles, including classic, lightweight, ladies' cuts and more!

Here are some fun facts about the adorable and fluffy goldendoodle!


  1. Origin: Crossed with a Golden Retriever and Poodle this dog has been proven to be an excellent family dog.
  2. Personality: They are versatile working dogs that have achieved success as guide, service, and therapy dogs. A wonderful social dog, highly affectionate, intelligent, and accepting in nature.
  3. Size: They tend to vary in size which is due to breeding. Comes in 3 different sizes: miniature, small standard, and large standard.
  4. Training: Easily trained, eager to please, should be trained with positive reinforcement. Daily exercise is needed due to them having separation anxiety from being away from their owner.


Check out the full article on Dog Time.

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