Here Comes Treble / Classical Music Month

classical music month

Take note: September is classical music month, which was first established in 1994 by President Clinton. According the presidential proclamation #6716:

"Classical music is a celebration of artistic excellence. Great art endures through the ages, and in the United States we have embraced that great music and incorporated it into the American experience. Our best art reflects our Nation's spirit—that mixture of discipline and improvisation, the combination of strong individual voices working together at the same time, the bravado, the inventiveness, the dynamism of the American character. Classical music plays in harmony with that energy and spirit to become reinvigorated and reinvented with each new orchestra or chamber group, with every performance that rings out new and fresh."

And now you can show that you're all about the bass (or treble) with Here Comes Treble on a variety of fun colors and cuts. But only for a limited time:

Graphic Opens: September 5th
Graphic Closes: September 12th at midnight EST
Starts Shipping By: September 19th

classical music month


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