Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Summer

Keeping Your Dog Summer Safe

Your pooch loves summer as much as you do, here are some helpful tips to make sure your furry four-legged friend can stand the summer heat!


  1. Never leave your dog in a hot car! It’s so important for us to stay cool in the summer, thats why it is never okay to leave us in the car! On a 78 degree day, temperatures in the car can get up to 90 degrees in shade, then 160 in the sun. It is best to leave us home or bring us a refreshing bowl of water for long car rides!

2. Keep our paws cool! The sun is always cooking in the summer, that means surfaces like cement and asphalt can get really hot for us! Not only are our paws will burn, it can lead to us overheating too.

3. Our own “kiddie pool” Some of us love water! Getting us a place where we can splash and cool off will be a huge hit.

4. Haircuts Boy oh boy do I love a good grooming, you think I look this good all the time without pampering? If your furry friend has a long coat, consider a one inch haircut is good without us getting a sunburn.

5. Fireworks I am such a petriotic pup, but exposure to fireworks can be really dangerous for us! Please remember on your Fourth of July celebrations to be mindful of us and fireworks. It can be very hazardous to us and loud noises can make us scared!

I hope these tips were helpful to you in having a fun, safe summer with your furry friend!

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