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Nappy Time Anyone? Onesies are Back

Posted on August 19 2017

baby onesies teddy the dog

Come back to my crib for nappy hour? Your favorite human puppy can crawl in style now that onesies are back in the doghouse. Choose from the following selection:

  • Dog's Rule, People Drool: Well it's true. They do drool. A lot. Be the life of the... um, nap time with this tee.
  • Subwoofer: Got a new human puppy? This is the perfect tee for the little ankle biter, rug rat, whippersnapper...
  • Choose Love: I mean, duh, right? Babies are nuthin' but love. Even human ones.  
  • Total Sit Show: Sometimes a babies can be total party poopers. Answer the call of doody with this tee.
  • Nappy Hour: You're cordially invited to a party at my crib for nappy hour. Be totally pampered with this tee. 

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