New Lease on Life... or New Leash on Life?

Just launched a brand-spankin'-new website (and on April Fool's... I know, I know, we really tempted fate on that one). Please be patient with us... we'll have to work out the kinks over time ('cause no matter what we do, cats always seem to infiltrate the system and cause problems). 

But back to my new website... over time, it'll give our fans new ways to quickly find the products the want, plus so much more. One could say it's giving me a whole new leash on life. Which just so happens to be my very first pick of the litter graphic on my new site. 

For a limited time, snag this fun graphic on a variety of fun colors and cuts, including classic, lightweight, ladies 3/4 sleeve and v-neck, night tee, youth tee and more. 

Graphic opens: April 3rd, 2017
Graphic closes: April 11th at midnight EST
Starts shipping by: April 17th

 Shop now and get a new leash on life. 


Sniffs and Licks,