Newfound Love of Life / Newfoundland Lovers

You will fur sure have a Newfound Love of Life with my new graphic! Get your paws on fun colors and styles, including classic, lightweight, ladies' cuts and more. 

Graphic Closes: July 23rd midnight EST
Shipping Starts: July 30th
  1. Origin: Exported to England, where it was also bred. They descend from forebears born in England.
  2. Personality: Sweet, patient, trusting, and devoted. Great companion with kids and families.
  3. Grooming: Their heavy coat requires thorough brushing at least once a week, they do go through shedding seasons, and must have their nails trimmed regularly.
  4. Training: The Newfoundland puppy is outgoing, intelligent, and curious. Daily human socialization and contact is necessary. They respond well to gentle guidance but do not respond well to harsh training.

 Check out the full article on American Kennel Club.