Peke Performance / Pekingese Fans

Humans, take a sneak peke at my new breed POTL. Wear it for Peke Performance.

POTL Closes June 11th at midnight EST
Starts Shipping: June 18th

Some fun facts about the Pekingnese...

1. Since they have short noses, the snore quite a loudly. Looks like I am going to have to get some ear plugs.

2. Origin: from China, known as “lion dogs.” 

3. Personality: Good-natured, Stubborn, Aggressive, and Intelligent. Can adapt to any type of home and is also a wonderful therapy dog. They are great lap dogs and loving companions, no wonder why celebrities own them.

4. Grooming: Their coat colors include black, fawn, creams, black and tan, fawn brindle, and grey.

5. Tiny Guard Dogs: They were little guard dogs for Chinese royalty and they were bred small enough to fit inside the huge sleeves of ancient Chinese garments.

Check out the full article on American Kennel Club.