Resting Beach Face / Beach Tips

Graphic Closes: July 12th midnight EST
Shipping Starts: July 17th
My Resting Beach Face graphic will have you beat the summer heat! Get your paws on fun styles and colors, including classic, lightweight, ladies cuts and more. 


  1.  Carry a sand-free beach bag: Try getting a mesh tote bag for carrying all of your belongings.  Give it a few shakes at the end of the day, and the sand will fall right out!
  2. Pack some bug spray: Getting bitten by insects is not fun at the beach, bring some spray to protect yourself.
  3. Bring plenty of bags: Having a lot of bags will ensure that you have somewhere to collect your trash without it flying everywhere.
  4. Bring Cupcake Liners: Place the liners over the top of your drinks, they can keep both bugs and sand away.
  5. Sunblock and Lip Balm: The sun, heat and salt waster at the beach can dry your lips out, also make sure you protect yourself from the harsh heat.

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