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Hug a Bear Day - November 7th

November 7th is Hug a Bear Day! This is a day where you can hug your teddy bear. This holiday was named after the 26th president of the United States,... Read More

Basketball Day - November 6th

November 6th is Basketball Day! Celebrate this day by playing some basketball with friends, watching some basketball on the TV, or going to a game! For more info head over... Read More

National Doughnut Day - November 5th

November 5th is National Doughnut Day! Today is National Doughnut Day! To celebrate, grab a donut from your favorite bakery or get a recipe to make some homemade donuts.  For... Read More

National Cook for Your Pets Day - November 1st

November 1st is National Cook for Your Pets Day! For this holiday you can celebrate by cooking your pets some tasty treats. However, there are some foods to avoid. They... Read More

Candy Corn Day - October 30th

October 30th is Candy Corn Day!  This is a great fall treat. Candy Corn was invented in the 1880s and consists of corn syrup, honey and sugar. There is no... Read More

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day - October 21st

October 21st is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day! A day to celebrate a delicious Fall Dessert! A great way to celebrate this holiday is to go to the store and buy... Read More

Sweetest Day - October 20th

October 20th is Sweetest Day! This holiday is the third Saturday in October and is celebrated by recognizing someone sweet in your life. You can celebrate with family and friends... Read More

No Beard Day - October 18th

October 18th is No Beard Day! There is no origin of this day, but since this day exists you have a good excuse to shave your beard. Show off your... Read More

National Pasta Day - October 17th

October 17th is National Pasta Day! There is no origin for this day, however, you can choose your favorite pasta to eat today! There's over 600 type of pasta. You... Read More

Bosses Day - October 16th

October 16th is Bosses Day!  On this day you can show your boss on you truly feel about them! There are some characteristics of what makes a great boss.. Fair... Read More