Hasta la Vizsla, Baby / Vizsla Lovers

  I'll be back... but not really because Hasta la Vizsla, Baby ends soon. Get your paws on fun colors and styles, like classic, lightweight, ladies' cuts and more.  Graphic... Read More

Peke Performance / Pekingese Fans

Humans, take a sneak peke at my new breed POTL. Wear it for Peke Performance. POTL Closes June 11th at midnight ESTStarts Shipping: June 18th Some fun facts about the... Read More

There's Lhasa Talk About / Lhasa Apso

There’s Lhasa Talk About here! Here are some fun facts about the adorable Lhasa Apso that you might have not know: 1. They live extremely long lives: the lifespan of... Read More

Mas Appeal / Mastiff Lovers

Mastiff lovers, I'm a little concerned that this new Pick of the Litter may cause mas hysteria even though it's got serious Mas Appeal. Grab it quick in fun colors... Read More

We've Come to A York in the Road / Yorkies

Calling all Yorkie fans... available on fun colors and styles, A York in the Road is only around for a short while: Graphic closes: May 21st at midnight ESTStarts Shipping By:... Read More

Pomeranian Lovers are... da Pom!

Calling all Pomeranian fans... cause You da Pom! And now you can keep pom and and carry on with lots of fun colors and styles, including classic, lightweight, ladies' cuts,... Read More

It's Neither Here, Norwhich There...

Fun-loving, loyal and very curious, the Norwich Terrier is full of life and energy. And the more, the terrier! For a limited time, get Neither Here, Norwich There on full... Read More

Grey it Forward / Greyhound Fans

People, let's Grey it Forward with this sweet, gentle, and speedy breed. Greyhound lovers will know that to adopt a Greyhound it to truly Grey it Forward. Now available on classic,... Read More

Caution: This is an Active Weim Scene / Weimaraners

Calling all Weimaraner lovers... this is an active weim scene. Get Partner in Weim before it's all locked up. Now available on fun colors and styles, plus mugs, totes and... Read More

Short Attention Spaniel / Cocker Spaniel Lovers

Calling all Cocker Spaniel lovers... is your dog a Short Attention Spaniel? Then join my span club... this pick will be gone faster than your dog's attention span(iel) so snag... Read More