The Dane of My Existence / Great Danes

great danes

This new pick is the Dane of My Existence... it really is. I mean, Danes... they're great, right? For a limited time, snag it on fun colors and styles including classic, lightweight, ladies' cuts, totes, mugs and more.

Graphic Closes: November 13th at midnight EST
Starts Shipping By: November 20th

great danes

According to the AKC

"Even people with zero dog knowledge know a Great Dane when they see one. Standing as high as 32 inches at the shoulder, Danes tower over most other dogs—and when standing on their hind legs, they’re taller than many people. Giant-sized and immensely strong, Danes nevertheless are the picture of elegance and balance, with the smooth and easy stride of born noblemen. The coat comes in different colors and patterns, perhaps the best-known being the black-and-white patchwork pattern known as harlequin."