There's Lhasa Talk About / Lhasa Apso

There’s Lhasa Talk About here! Here are some fun facts about the adorable Lhasa Apso that you might have not know:

1. They live extremely long lives: the lifespan of them are 12-15 years old, but many of them can live until their late teens. Some even beyond 20!

    2. Popular Family pets: Many celebrities have owned them, this includes Jane Lynch, Gwen Stefani, and Ellen Degeneres.

    3. Temperament:  Steady, Friendly, Fearless, Assertive, and Obedient.

    4. Origin: Tibet, the name comes from the holy city of Lhasa. They were bred by nobility and monks in monasteries to act an inside guard and protector.

    5. Grooming:  Their coat is gorgeous, it is long, straight and dense. It comes in many colors such as honey, black, white, slate, or parti-color.

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