Daisy's Story

What can I say about Daisy? That she was sweet, and cuddly? That she fought cancer, and became a tri-pawed in the process? That we loved her so much.

Here is the story of Daisy, our beloved Golden Retriever, and a playful tri-pawed. Her story began, like all good stories do, with a young teenage love. As promise of love and long lasting affection, a boy gifted our daughter a beautiful, cuddly puppy. And in a years’ time, the boy was not to be, but Daisy stuck. She had us all hooked.

I’m a firm believer that dogs don’t want to just go for a walk, but that dogs want to play. We would go out for hours, exploring and enjoying the outside wilderness. There were so many exotic scents and shapes that Daisy just had to get up close and personal with. All the adventures brought us really close. That is why I always felt she gravitated more towards me. However, she loved all of us, and was loved back in return. To give you a bit of perspective, I live with my beautiful wife, and 4 amazing daughters. There are not a lot of things we all agree on at the same time, but Daisy was one of those magical creatures that brought us together.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, we all agreed that we would like to save her, and try to make her time left with us comfortable. It was then that she became a tri-pawed. The doctors told us she only had 6 months to live. However, Daisy surprised us all. After the 6 months she was still with us, living her life on 3 legs. Even though she wasn’t as fast, she still enjoyed going on adventures.

We had 2 wonderful years with Daisy after her surgery. The decision to let her go was hard, one of the hardest we ever had to make. But it was the right one for her.

Our August donation is for Daisy, and all the 3 legged furry friends. $3 from every item sold will be donated to the Tripawds Community, an organization that helps with the challenges that come with the transition, for both pups and humans.

Ted Pidcock
Founder and Owner of Teddy the Dog