Pick of the Litter - How It Works

What makes Teddy's famous "Pick of the Litter" Collections different.


  • We say POTLs ("POH-Tuls") for short - Saying "Pick of the Litter" takes too long! I've got poodles to see and fire hydrants to sniff.
  • POTLs are PRE-ORDER - These designs are produced AFTER a close date, typically one week. Then allow a week for production and shipping to start.
  • Mind the dates - Once the POTL closes it comes off my site faster than an unattended steak at a doggie playdate.
  • More style and color options - Since we make only what's pre-sold, designs can be offered on more things. Genius, I know. 
  • Missed a POTL? Sometimes we have extras. Email in to cs@teddythedog.com to check!
  • New POTL reveals happen every week - Fewer if I have a grooming appointment. (You think I wake up looking this good?)
  • POTLs are my newest "ta-da!" designs - Sometimes we're bringing back fan favorites, too. Gotta give the people what they want.
  • Size us up -  Our size charts will give you the nitty, gritty on height, width, blah...Everything Teddy is buttery soft. No sandpaper t-shirts here.
  • Return paw-licies -POTLs are eligible for exchange or store credit within 30 days of purchase.


How about permissions? Teddy's images can't be reproduced or used for commercial purposes without our written consent. Please share in social media; we just ask that you credit Teddy the Dog. We're trying to support a starving/hugely talented artist.