TEDDY CASH Discount Card - How You Earn It - How You Use It

TEDDY CASH is a one-time use discount card that we'll award customers on specially announced TEDDY CASH shopping days around the holiday season. These special offer days are announced on our website and via email. A TEDDY CASH offer may be, "Receive $10 in TEDDY CASH for every $50 you spend in one order!"

The following Frequently Asked Questions will help you get familiar with this sweet perk.


  • Can I use earned TEDDY CASH immediately?  No. You'll need your physical TEDDY CASH discount card (see above) in hand. It will arrive attached to your packing slip with TEDDY CASH qualifying order.
  • Is a minimum spend required to redeem my TEDDY CASH? No! If you have $20 in TEDDY CASH, you can apply it to a $20 order. That means your total cost (not including shipping/taxes) will be $0! 
  • How do I use it? The front of your TEDDY CASH card has a code and eligibility dates during which you can use it. Shop then and apply your code when you checkout. The value of your TEDDY CASH (also appears on the card) will be deducted from your order!
  • Where can I use the code? Only online at teddythedog.com
  • Is it a one-time use card/code? Yes, one-time use.
  • Can I give it to a friend?  Sure. By using the code that appears in your card, they can get the discount. But it can only be used once.
  • What if I lose it?  Guard it carefully! It's like cash and we have no way of replacing it if you lose it.
  • Do I have to use the entire card value in one order?  Yes. It's not a gift certificate in that you can save the balance for future orders. You must spend the entire amount in one order.  
  • Can I be refunded for my TEDDY CASH?  No. For example, if you have $20 in TEDDY CASH and place an order that totals $18, we cannot send you $2 or apply a $2 credit to your account.