Teddy's Pick Of The Litters 101

Teddy's Pick Of The Litters
  • We say POTLs ("POH-Tuls") for short - Saying "Pick of the Litter" takes too long! I've got poodles to see and fire hydrants to sniff.
  • POTLs are PRE-ORDER - These designs are produced AFTER a close date, typically one week. Then allow a week for production and shipping to start.
  • Mind the dates -  Once the POTL closes it comes off my site faster than an unattended steak at a doggie playdate.
  • More style and color option - Since we make only what's pre-sold, designs can be offered on more things. Genius, I know. 
  • New POTL reveals happen every week - Fewer if I have a grooming appointment. (You think I wake up looking this good?)
  • POTLs are my newest "ta-da!" designs - Sometimes we're bringing back fan favorites, too. Gotta give the people what they want.
  • Size us up -  Our size charts will give you the nitty, gritty on height, width, blah...Everything Teddy is buttery soft. No sandpaper t-shirts here.
  • Return paw-licies - POTL designs can only be returned for an exchange or store credit


I'm Saxy And I Know It

Orders Close May 31 | Starts Shipping June 8

The Wrath Of Grapes

Orders Close June 1 | Starts Shipping June 8

You Had Me At Aloe

Orders Close June 3 | Starts Shipping June 10

Yoda Best, Dad

Orders Close June 7 | Starts Shipping June 15