Time to Get Breedy!

It's Breed Week here in the doghouse! So many breeds, so little time.

Mind the Dates--

April 24 Breed Week opens! -- May 1 orders close -- May 8 orders start shipping
Remember, once a POTL closes, no guarantee when the design will be available again or if extras will be made. So be quick like a whippet.

Don't despair if you don't see you favorite breed here (yet!) because there'll be more Breed Weeks in the future. As top dog of this little company--I am flattered beyond measure that you think we have the ability to offer 100 breed designs this week. Trust me...if I could really get my humans crankin'...you should see how I bark at them. "How can you not include the Shar Pei, buddy?!" I mean COME ON. I can't be the only one workin' like a dog around here.

Dog Breeds teddy the Dog

How you can help--comment below on a breed you'd like to see me feature. Better yet, if you see that breed/idea in the Comments already, click the thumbs up to support it and push it towards the top.

Can't promise anything as I keep a pretty full design calendar -- but will do my doggone best!  What breed am I, you ask? Thought you'd never ask. I'm 100% purebred mutt, people. 

So grab these fun(ny) graphics on different styles and colors now because they're PICK only for a limited time... I've got humans to lick and food to steal, so I don't have all day.


This one will keep you snug as a pug in a rug...
Pug t-shirt

Need to work on your lab report?

I've always said this, but I'll say it again...
Terrier t-shirt

This graphic sleighs me, it really does...
Husky t-shirt
Come on, squeeze those glutes! Squeeze 'em!
Bernese t-shirt

Get breedy here.

Sniffs 'n Licks,
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