Just Pet Me / National Pet Week

National Pet Week and it's a total animal house around here! My fav thing about Pet Week? It encourages everyone to "give pets a lifetime of love." I'll bark to that!

National Pet Week
I'm also giving ya'll 20% storewide with code PETWEEK! Ends 5/10. (Thank you, thank you... no applause, just bacon.) Sniff out my Deals page.

The National Pet Week website -- sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) -- offers tons-o-resources for pet owners, like how to find a vet, how to keep your pet safe and healthy, vaccination support, and summer tips for your furry ball of love (or scaly ball of love, or gill-covered ball of love, or...) 

AVMA Pet Week Teddy the Dog

Sniffs and Licks,