National Purebred Dog Day

May 1st is National Purebred Dog Day! This day is celebrated to honor the heritage, diversity, and predictability of the purebred dog.  It was created in 2013 by Suzi Szeremy... Read More

National Pet Travel Safety Day

January 2nd is National Pet Travel Safety Day! Some fun facts about the day are listed below. 1. Founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Animal Advocate and former EMT-Medic,... Read More

December 31st - New Years Eve / Champagne Day

New Years Eve and Champagne Day is December 31st! Can't believe it is New Years Eve! Today is also champagne day.. Celebrate New Years Eve by poppin' some champagne! Happy... Read More

Gingerbread House Day - December 12th

December 12th is Gingerbread House Day! Gingerbread is a sweet that can take form of a cake or a cookie. There is no origin of this day, however, celebrate by... Read More

Vanilla Cupcake Day - November 10th

November 10th is Vanilla Cupcake Day! This day is dedicated to Vanilla Cupcakes! The first time the term "cupcake" was used was in 1828. They are a very popular dessert... Read More

New Aprons in the Doghouse!

Happy Holidays! We have some new aprons in the doghouse! They are even gingerbread scented. These are perfect for the holiday season coming up, you don't want to miss out!... Read More

World Freedom Day - November 9th

November 9th is World Freedom Day! World Freedom Day is a day to celebrate being free! Take this time to be happy where you live. For more info head over... Read More

Hug a Bear Day - November 7th

November 7th is Hug a Bear Day! This is a day where you can hug your teddy bear. This holiday was named after the 26th president of the United States,... Read More

National Candy Day - November 4th

National Candy Day is November 4th! People have been eating candy for thousand of years. To celebrate, get a bag of your favorite candy and go to town!  For more... Read More

All Soul's Day - November 2nd

November 2nd is All Soul's Day! This holiday is a day to honor those who have died and gone to heaven. Catholic's pray for their loved ones who have passed... Read More