National Specially-Abled Pets Day

May 3rd if National Specially-Abled Pets Day!  This holiday honors all of the dogs that have a disability or face certain physical challenges. These disabilities do not make them any... Read More

Wear Your PJ's to Work Day

What a great holiday! This day is always celebrated every year on April 16th. It is the day after taxes are due in the United States. It's time to de... Read More

National Puppy Day

Happy National Puppy Day! Below are some ways to celebrate this wonderful day. 1. Donate money, food, and toys to your local shelter. 2. Have a puppy party. 3. Buy... Read More

National Train Your Dog Month - January

January is National Train Your Dog Month! It is the seventh annual one and it is when they promote training the family dog with everyday manners. They want this month... Read More

Mountain Day - December 11th

December 11th is Mountain Day! This day is celebrated by knowing how important mountains are in our world. They are important because they provide food, water, and clean energy. Also,... Read More

You Sleigh Me..

Dashing through the snow... Teddy is ready for Christmas! My new graphic "You Sleigh Me" will have you ready for the holiday too. Get your paws on fun and colorful... Read More

All is Furry and Bright

I've got another new holiday graphic in the doghouse! All is Furry and Bright will have you ready for Christmas. Get your paws on fun and color styles including classic,... Read More

Happy Hour Day - November 12th

November 12th is Happy Hour Day! This day is to celebrate the times at bars and restaurants when alcoholic drinks are served at discounted prices. It sure does sound like... Read More

National Sundae Day - November 11th

November 11th is National Sundae Day! This day is to celebrate all the different types of ice cream sundaes! There are over hundreds different variations of flavors and toppings. To... Read More

Abet and Aid Punsters Day - November 8th

November 8th is Abet and Aid Punsters Day! This day is a day to make bad puns and encourage those around you to do the same. A pun is a... Read More