National Kids & Pets Day!

Pet and Kids Safety Tips

April 26th is National Kids & Pets Day! There's nothing I love more than puppies... both human and canine. However, this holiday is a great opportunity to remind us all to keep kids safe around dogs. I mean, not all of them can be as well behaved as me. (And no one can actually prove I was kicked out of obedience school! As if!)

So here they are: Teddy's Top Tips for Kid and Dog Safety...

  • Always ask before approaching us... especially if you don't know us. And, keep away from dogs tied up with no owner present.
  • Respect our space... when you greet us, approach from the front and let us sniff your hand (make a closed fist). And, if we don't come up and greet you, it's best to leave us alone. 
  • Keep your face away from our face, and avoid staring directly, as that makes us feel threatened.
  • Stay away if we're eating or sleeping. We don't mean to, but we may startle or accidentally mistake you for food.
  • Do you feel afraid? If so, stand really still, hands at side, and look at the ground - don't run or scream. We'll find you very boring if you do this and we'll move along to something more exciting. 
  • Finally? Shower your dog with lots and lots of love. We don't mean to cause any problems, but sometimes we get scared too. 

That's it people. Now, let's poor some kibble and celebrate National Kids & Pets Day! 

Sniffs and Licks,


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