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The Puck Stops Here - Hockey Fans

Graphic Closes: October 30th midnight EST Starts Shipping: November 6th Attention hockey fans! My graphic The Puck Stops Here will fur sure have you ready for hockey season, especially my... Read More

Sainted Love / Saint Bernard Lovers

Graphic Closes: October 22nd midnight EST Starts Shipping: October 29th All you Saint Bernard lovers will absolutely love my Sainted Love graphic! Get your paws on fun colors and styles... Read More

Bark the Vote - November 6th Elections

Graphic Closes: October 19th midnight EST Shipping in up to 5 business days after order is placed.  Teddy wants you to Bark the Vote! November 6th is election day and... Read More

Shamalama Ding Dog / Grease Movie Lovers

Graphic Closes: October 11th midnight EST Starts Shipping: October 25th You're the one that I want ho, ho, ho, honey! My Shamalama Ding Dog will have you feelin' like Sandy... Read More

Bonehemian Rhapsody / Queen Movie

Graphic Closes: October 16th midnight EST Starts Shipping: October 23rd In honor of Bohemian Rhapsody coming out, my Bonehemian Rhapsody graphic will have you ready for the movie and feeling... Read More

Dog Days of Summer

It's a dogs life indeed, check out my new graphic Dog Days of Summer. It will definitely make you not want summer to end. Get your paws on fun colors and... Read More

One Brit Wonder / Brittany Fans

Brittany's are indeed a One Brit Wonder, amiright?  Graphic Closes: June 26th at midnight EST Starts Shipping: July 3rd  Some fun facts about the agile and energetic Brittany: Origin: The... Read More

World Pup / Soccer Fans

Graphic Closes: June 21st midnight EST Shipping Starts: June 28th  Happy World Cup! My World Pup POTL will have you ready for the start of the game. Get your paws... Read More

Hasta la Vizsla, Baby / Vizsla Lovers

  I'll be back... but not really because Hasta la Vizsla, Baby ends soon. Get your paws on fun colors and styles, like classic, lightweight, ladies' cuts and more.  Graphic... Read More

Baseball Season is Here - Play Ball!

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd... Baseball season is here and Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. Take a swing at it before... Read More