Mystery Teddy - Hooded Sweatshirt

Mystery Teddy - Hooded Sweatshirt

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Limited availability! Sometimes we have a handful of lovable stray hoodies that are looking for a happy home - you pick the SIZE but the design and color are a surprise! These sometimes appear after a Pick of the Litter production and are in perfect condition--we just don't have enough to post them back on the website. Because they are steal, Mystery Hoodies cannot be further discounted unless applied to a specific Mystery promotion. Mystery items cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Customer Reviews

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Ellen Ferrari
What a great surprise!

I ordered a mystery hooded sweatshirt and got a gorgeous, heavy sweatshirt that I will live in when it gets chilly. The quality of all Teddy the Dog products is out of bounds! I will be ordered more mystery products because its fun to see what you get. I really think you cannot go wrong with anything!

Carol Harris
Great value

Fun surprise


I love Teddy stuff. I have over 20 of your t-shirts and 5 sweatshirts. 2 of my sweatshirts are older and I have 3 that are more recent purchases. I can tell that you have switched your sweatshirts. They don’t feel the same and they don’t fit the same. I am not a fan and am now stuck with sweatshirts that I won’t wear because they aren’t comfortable. I tried to like them because I like the print and. Plot (and because they’re expensive) but they just don’t fit like the first 2 that I bought. I love those and they’re my favorites. They’re so soft and cozy. I wish I had known that you switched your product. I would’ve just bought more t-shirts instead.


LOVE Teddy the Dog shirts & hoodies! Great quality and super cute!


Size is perfect for layering, color choice was also good . Very happy with all my mystery purchases

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