Mystery Teddy - Sweatshirt

Mystery Teddy - Sweatshirt

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Limited availability! Sometimes we have a handful of lovable stray hoodies that are looking for a happy home - you pick the SIZE but the design and color are a surprise! These sometimes appear after a Pick of the Litter production and are in perfect condition--we just don't have enough to post them back on the website. Because they are steal, Mystery Hoodies cannot be further discounted unless applied to a specific Mystery promotion. Mystery items cannot be returned or exchanged.

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Customer Reviews

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A.L. Welch
so happy mystery teddy sweatshirts became available again!

This one is very clever (you want a piece of me?) and a great graphic (Teddy in the form of puzzle pieces) too. Nice soft fabric as Teddy is known for too. I love mystery teddys.

Mystery Hoodie

The photo showed a blue and a green hoodie. I was hoping for a green but got a blue. However the best, most comfy thick hoodie ever! Don't care what color it is the best!

Laura Dropps
I got the best Mystery Teddy Sweatshirt

By the time I ordered they were out of 2xl, but offered me either an XL or 3xl. I've never ordered anything in a 3xl before - that's two sizes above what I normally wear, but I just have to say that it's amazing! It's long enough that I can wear it around the house without pants! It's soft and warm just like a good hoodie should be. The image is of Alex Trebek in Ted form which is really awesome. All in all I feel so lucky.

Catherine Shamlian

Mystery Teddy - Sweatshirt

Pam Trent
Wonderful Surprise

I got in on the Mystery Teddy Sweatshirt campaign and received a wonderful surprise for my gift. I was gifted the Jeopardy Teddy and it meant a lot to me. I lost my beloved buddy and vet to pancreatic cancer, so it was special for me. Thanks!

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