Pyr Pressure - Classic Tee
Pyr Pressure - Classic Tee

Pyr Pressure - Classic Tee

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Turns out, I'm up for Pyr review by Great Pyrenees fans. As always, this classic tee, in denim color, is made of 100% combed, ringspun cotton which means it's pyr soft. All my apparel is decorated right here in the U.S.A. Machine wash and dry. 

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Chip Pedro
When does Large=Large

So my first shirt was a Large and ran a bit small - but workable - repeat washing made it my wife’s shirt. Cotton does that so no big deal.

I love the design so I ordered another one - also a Large/cotton, but it is much larger - with a giant neck hole and shoulders that droop off - also a much different shade of blue.

Repeat washing and drying won’t shrink it 🤷‍♂️
I know I could’ve returned it, but I really thought it would shrink.

So some consistency is in order - or a blurb mentioning size/color variations between vendors? After all, these shirts are pretty nice but also $$$.


Gratuitous Pyr pic.
Shirt Photo: New shirt is the lighter blue.

Hi Chip! We're so sorry for the variation in size on the shirts you received. In the future we are very happy to return/replace anything you get from us that you don't absolutely love. Also, thank you for sharing a pic of your pup! It made my day!

Marsha Ness
Love the Design

Thanks for adding Pyrs to your list of breed designs! The colorations shown represent typical breed marks well. I love the quality and buttery smooth softness of the 100% cotton classic tee.

sharon Bogenschutz
Loved it!

As an owner of Pyrenees for the last 20 years, this shirt made me laugh out loud!! The shirt itself is of really nice materials, well made and sized correctly. Hope to see another Pyr or Siamese cat. Think "that darn cat"......... I will buy more Teddy!

Pyr Reviewed and awesome

Family member with Great White Pyrenees loves this shirt. Personally, I won't wear any T-Shirt that isn't a Teddy The Dog t-shirt due to their comfort. Ladies fit a bit snug/run a little smaller for similar size, but men's fit beautifully.

Heather Jackson
Pyr Momma

I have a Great Pyrenees mix. Rarely do I ever find great Pyr anything so I love I now have something. And is so true, she can push me to get anything.

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