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National Train Your Dog Month - January

January is National Train Your Dog Month! It is the seventh annual one and it is when they promote training the family dog with everyday manners. They want this month... Read More

December 31st - New Years Eve / Champagne Day

New Years Eve and Champagne Day is December 31st! Can't believe it is New Years Eve! Today is also champagne day.. Celebrate New Years Eve by poppin' some champagne! Happy... Read More

Bake Cookies Day - December 18th

December 18th is Bake Cookies Day! This day comes along with great timing! The perfect time to bake cookies is during the holiday season. Bake yourself many different recipes of... Read More

Maple Syrup Day - December 17th

December 17th is Maple Syrup Day! Celebrate today by pouring maple syrup on some yummy pancakes and waffles. Another yummy treat would be pouring it on vanilla ice cream! There... Read More

National Cocoa Day - December 13th

December 13th is National Cocoa Day! Celebrate this day by making some homemade hot cocoa! Top your drink with marshmallows, whipped cream, or anything else you would like. Check out... Read More

Gingerbread House Day - December 12th

December 12th is Gingerbread House Day! Gingerbread is a sweet that can take form of a cake or a cookie. There is no origin of this day, however, celebrate by... Read More

Mountain Day - December 11th

December 11th is Mountain Day! This day is celebrated by knowing how important mountains are in our world. They are important because they provide food, water, and clean energy. Also,... Read More

Christmas Card Day - December 9th

December 9th is Christmas Card Day! Sending Christmas cards is a great way to spread some holiday cheer! It is said that Sir Henry Cole was the first to create... Read More

Brownie Day - December 8th

December 8th is Brownie Day! This day is for all you brownie lovers! Some fun things to do during this day is to make some brownies and enjoy them with... Read More

Cotton Candy Day - December 7th

December 7th is Cotton Candy Day! Cotton Candy is a popular treat for those who have a sweet tooth. The original name for Cotton Candy was known to be "fairy... Read More